The condition of your alloy wheels has a big impact on the overall look of you car. A car with scuffed wheels can also seriously decrease the value of your car. The reason car manufactures use alloy wheels is because they can supply superior looking wheels for you car and unlike the steel wheels cars use to come with they do not rust.

Kia Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

The downside is that alloy wheels are softer than steel so they are more prone to damage, making them look a mess and unattractive. As a result, when you come to sell your car with damaged alloy wheels you will either be a offered a lower price than you expected to get or you'll find it more difficult to find a buyer. If your car has damaged wheels the buyer is more likely to think that you have not looked after your car properly and perhaps there is other damage hidden they haven't seen, perhaps you have even neglected the engine like you have the wheel, this is most likely not the case but these are things that go through a buyers mind.

We help many people in Barking by offering our alloy wheel repair and refurbishment service

So how much difference does a damaged alloy wheel make? Well, from our contacts in the motor trade the difference between a car with damaged alloys and the same car with mint condition alloys is typically £500 to £1000! That is a lot of money considering the cost of repairing your wheels!

You also need to be careful if you lease your car, lease companies are extremely fussy about the condition you return your car in. They do all wear and tear however rubbing the wheel against the kerb is not considered wear and tear and you will be fined if you return your car with scuffed wheels for a much higher price than your repair.

We offer you a 2 year guarentee for all our alloy wheel repairs in Barking.

Even if you are not selling your car keeping your car in tip top condition makes sense, if someone sees a car that is scratched,dented and has scuffed wheels they are less likely to take care around you car, it is amazing damage seems to attract damage!

We offer a full mobile service and can come to your home of place of work and repair/ refurbish your alloy wheels to the their former Glory.

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