The only thing we need from our customers is a parking space for our van within 30mtrs of a plug socket

The vehicle is safely jacked up and the alloy is removed
The air is removed from the tyre and the bead of the tyre is pushed away from the alloy, the tyre is not removed otherwise it would require balancing once the tyre would be refitted
The damaged is then repaired by grinding out light scratches or anything deeper is then filled using a specialist gel that sets rock solid and not body filler that is soft and can fall out if hit again
The tyre is then masked and given a coat of primer then put under a infa red lamp to cure
Once the primer is cured the primer is flattened down to give a smooth finish
The original manufactures paint is then matched and sprayed onto the alloy and placed back under the infa red lamp to cure
The alloy is then given a thick coat of high gloss lacquer and put back under a infa red lamp to cure
Once the alloy is dry the masking is removed and the Tyre is inflated the alloy will not need balancing as the tyre will still be in the same position
The alloy is then refitted to the vehicle and can be used as normal, we recommend not to clean the alloys for a good 24hrs to give the products a chance to fully harden off. We also recommend the wheel bolts are re torqued after 30 miles
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