These days many car lease companies charge for damage on their returned vehicles, this includes kerb damage to your alloy wheels, this extra cost can range from £80.00 - £600.00 when returning your vehicle.

Smart Tech offer a lease return inspection on your cars alloy wheels, this enables you to avoid lease return penalties. We come to you either at work or at your home and will inspect for any damage that we feel will be picked up by lease return inspectors.

Many people believe that when cars are returned they are given just a quick look over. When the car is collected it is often picked up by just a delievery driver he will inspect the car for any serious damage which is marked on his form, this is not your lease return inspection this is the driver marking any damage so he is not liable for it.

Your actual inspection takes place later, it's carried out by a trained inspector and usually takes between 20 and 45 minutes depending on the condition of the car. 

If you already know of any damage on your alloys then its just a case of calling us in to repair your alloys to as new condition, saving you money when the vehicle is returned.

Interior damage is also a big problem when returning your lease car, if you have damage to your cloth interior including holes from fag burns, we are able to repair the damage for you, to save you a penalty charge.

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